Frequently Asked Questions

inquisitive femaleWe have chosen to focus on Quickbooks because it is affordable, accessible, and, with the proper guidance, user-friendly. It has become the standard tool for small business accounting.

Can I afford your services?

The question is, can you afford not to have our services? The typical small business should allocate anywhere between 3 – 7% of their gross or budgeted revenue to implement and maintain a system that supports success. Our fee structure falls well within this range.

Who is the ideal candidate for your services?

We specialize in small nonprofit organizations with budgets ranging from $100K to $5M. In the for-profit sector, we have limited our focus to small professional service businesses with annual revenues of $60K and up. We work with business owners, executive directors, and sole proprietors. When principals are willing participants, we achieve optimum results.

Can you help me with my crisis?

If you have deadlines, tax implications, cash flow management issues, we can help. We can quickly gauge the implications of your issues, and put short term strategies in place. The most difficult part is taking that first step – getting help to manage the financial aspects your business – so you can focus on what you do best!

How do we get started?

We provide a complementary 30 minute strategy session in our office or by telephone. During your strategy session we evaluate your needs and provide potential next steps.