Supporting You and Your Staff

We can provide secondary accounting services where there is staff available. We will work with you to devise a plan that will provide just the right amount of oversight, training, and accountability.

While your weekly and monthly transactions are posted by your staff, we expand oversight and accountability by coming in on a regular basis and reconciling all accounts, generating the necessary reports, and providing guidance and troubleshooting as required. In this capacity we can also do training and coaching, and financial strategy consulting.

Training and Coaching

We provide Quickbooks™ training to staff and principals integrated with the fundamentals of basic bookkeeping. It is vital that executive directors and principals have a comprehensive understanding of the unique financial requirements of their business operation. We’ll bring you up to speed and answer your questions about basic accounting processes and procedures, budgeting, compliance, and reporting.


Processes and systems are important for accountability, compliance, and efficiency. As organizations grow it is imperative that systems and processes are in sync with its goals and objectives.

We offer potential clients a complementary consultation by phone or in our office. The next step is an in depth, fee based, consultation with stakeholders to determine goals and what changes are required to achieve them. A written assessment will then be generated outlining a course of action.

Other Services

1099 Preparation for non QuickBooks users.