Internal Controls are Important

 WHAT ARE INTERNAL CONTROLS? Internal control consists of four interrelated components. These are derived from the way management runs an operation or function, and are integrated with the management process.  Effective components of internal controls are: •         Control Environment – The control environment sets the tone of an organization or company, influencing the control consciousness […]

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has been the industry standard for small businesses and non-profit organizations for more than a few years.  The majority of experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals use the software. It is an inexpensive and time saving solution to the arduous and tedious task of maintaining   hand-written ledgers and spreadsheets. QuickBooks will not provide an instant […]

Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

The primary reasons small companies and nonprofit organizations consider outsourcing their bookkeeping are time and cost. A small business owner and nonprofit director have one thing in common. They are often times asked to wear multiple hats with limited capital.  Hiring and managing staff coupled with providing services or executing the organization’s mission is already […]